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* someone caught me talking nonsense again

If you are looking for my pictures on photobucket then click here.

(Photobucket new management outrageously held users to ransom recently, demanding $100 to users to make thumbnail links to the galleries work. I’ll look for a new hoster but leave what is on there, on there.)

2017 photos included Diamond Cup Antwerpen WSDF, Thiais RG GP podium training, Calais RG, Boing! festival Canterbury- Of Man and Beast, Motosikai, Cirque Du Platzak (exceptional)

2016 photos included- Boing! festival in Canterbury – Ride (brilliant), Phone Box, Ex Aequo, Happy Cup, English Gymnastics Ch., Wimbledon qualifiers M&F, Happy Cup RG Gent

2015 photos included- Santus Circus, Thiais RG, Happy Cup, English Ch., Pole-de-Calais RG, Wimbledon tennis qualifiers M&F, Eastbourne WTA qualifiers

Were you looking for my occasional blog? Choose from the posts on the right of this page, ordered by most recent first. Sometimes I like to write about camera-nerdy things, but it’s said I’m lazy, so… ho hum. If you happen to be one of those I photographed and want some photos, give me a nudge. I’m probably asleep.

This occasional WordPress blog is primarily about my hobby of photographing expressive dance and extraordinary physical endeavour such as circus and Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG) – a fairyland where girls get to choose their own costumes and music and wow us by doing extraordinary things that ordinary mortals can’t, for 90 seconds as princesses. … Feel free to think I am being silly, but I think it’s cool.
I post updates on Rhythmic Gymnastic events mainly when I photograph them, to this or my picture account. I would like everybody to enjoy the beauty of RG, so I don’t limit my pictures with enormous watermarks or html tricks.

Sooner or later I will master that Flash thingy but for now I am using this blog page.

For RG, pictures I take are primarily in my library (sports_of) on photobucket. Yeah it’s unglamorous name but I can put ridiculous amounts of photos on there :


I hope people realise that the arrow to the left on the library can be clicked on to show the subfolders. The new photobucket layout is a bit odd.

I also recommend Luda Fenka’s blog as she is thoughtful on the artistic side of the sport. It’s so nice that someone else sees it as performance art at the same time.
Luda Fenka blog

There is also a (quiet) English forum on rsg.net

For the Spanish there is the louder inforitmica

The French have a forum on lagr

The Italians are on Bea’s

The daring who can read Russian/Ukranian can dare the rather spammy rg4u.clan.su

Ots Fidelio Guarriello

other address fidelio.cc


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