Gent Happy Cup RG 2016

Happy Cup 2016 photos are coming, if you asked about them, don’t panic! Normal, sensible people don’t stop to think about the plight of a monkey with a camera, shooting nearly more than he can handle. Imagine coming home after nursing an unwell lens with unwell hands without your monopod (where did that go?) through 10,000 photos under flickery fluorescent light waiting to have names put to them and uploaded after you have finished your proper job. Which is having tea in front of the zoo visitors, obviously.

Happy Cup field was substantially reduced this year, in numbers mainly but also quality to some degree. Ed told me that Belgium is rated at threat level 3 or something, and that various countries such as Russia, Israel and Japan weren’t too keen on it. Ullrich told me that for the higher level sports, the Israeli state themselves provide security. But Happy Cup is a low-profile event, where Marc said that there were 185 viewers online.

The end of Olympic years always seems to see reduced fields as gymnasts reassess their plans or dreams. Still, the 66 or so left provided a real competition across many age ranges, props to Ed for organising it.

Dubious highlights for me included yours truly being hit by apparatus in competition (he deserved it!), strange sandwiches (grated carrot??- refer this to the Spanish Inquisition please), and a gymnast not knowing what else to do towards the end of her routine but laugh. Makes a change from the waterworks of the Hopes when something doesn’t go their way.

I will probably not even realise what else happened until I watch it back. This is what happens when you get old.


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