Welcome To Vinerstan!

I’ve stumbled across a fun new blog from the best team Russia-stalker of recent times. She seems to surf facebook or VK, loves Zhenya Kanaeva and has a sense of humour. She finds some fun photos. So, caption time!

Cats touching Zhenya on TV

“What do you mean she looks beat up? I always apply her eyeshadow like this”

Cat admiring Zhenya photo

“Why did she have to leave me after I had the operation? I told her, ‘But we’re happy as we are’…”

Larisa Ilchenko's dog watching Zhenya

“I used to have a job. I used to have a sense of self-respect. Sometimes I even got to sniff the girls! That was till Zhenya started fetching the sticks herself. But I only remember the good times…”

Go check it out, you’ll love it! And it’s all done in the best possible taste!



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